Stella Maris Catholic Parish

Parish Office Phone

(07) 5443 3488

Weddings in Maroochydore Catholic Parish

If you live in the Maroochydore Catholic Parish, contact the Parish Office on (07) 5443 3488. 

If you do not live in the Maroochydore Catholic Parish, make an appointment to meet the Priest in the parish where you live. He will start the interview process and liaise with Maroochydore Catholic Parish on your behalf.

Important Notes 

Parish priests hold limited licences to perform some weddings on behalf of the Australian government. You need to have an interview with the priest, in the first instance, to ascertain if he can celebrate the civil part of your wedding.

If either of the couple have been married previously the priest may not be authorised by civil and church authorities to celebrate your wedding.

If both partners are Catholics, permission for weddings in places other than churches is unavailable.

For legal reasons, it is not possible for the parish to take a confirmed booking for a proposed wedding date until after your first interview with one of the priests.

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