Stella Maris Catholic Parish

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Mass at Aged Care Facilities

Parishioners serve those that are unable to join us at Mass by assisting the priest when a Mass is celebrated at Aged Care Facilities a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  The residents value this opportunity to share in the Table of God and remain a part of our parish life, though they can no longer join us in our churches.


Communion to the Sick

Members of the parish who take Holy Communion to those in our Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities, or who are housebound, and unable to join the parish community at Mass.


Hospitality after Mass

This ministry is currently in abeyance whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place. When it can resume, a weekly/fortnightly/monthly pattern will offer an opportunity to serve tea/coffee while parishioners chat with each other.


Hospitality after Funerals

Parishioners provide hospitality to family and friends attending funerals. They arrive early before the funeral to receive and care for the refreshment deliveries arranged by the family. When the funeral service finishes, they serve tea, coffee and the provided refreshments in a caring atmosphere. The team then cleans and tidies the hospitality area before finishing.


Grief Support Group

This team of people meet monthly. They keep in touch with families who have recently experienced bereavement.

Members are frequently drawn from parishioners who have themselves had deaths in the family.


Care & Concern Team

This team coordinates our parish response to individual and community needs within our church communities.  It has a varied role, responding to our parish needs as they arise.  For example, at the moment we are hoping to establish phone trees so those who are isolated as a result of COVID-19 can still feel connected to our Faith life.

Playgroup Team members

This ministry is currently in abeyance; however, this ministry provides an opportunity for pre-school children to play, and for parents to form friendships. Our playgroups met weekly at a couple of our churches during school terms, and the parish supplied toys for the children to play with together. 



This is a wonderful, vibrant ministry in which to be involved. A great ministry if you would like to build community with people within our parish while reaching out to others.  Alpha is a 10 week course that offers faith, friendship and food! There are numerous ways to assist, whether it be cooking, serving, being a group leader, prayer team joke teller, or audio visual technical support. If you’re keen, please contact the office.


ACTiv8 – Parish Youth Group

If you enjoy hanging with teenagers and sharing your faith this is the ministry for you! ACTiv8 is our Parish youth group which aims to meet for a couple of hours each fortnight on a Sunday afternoon. It involves games, music, exploring and discussing our faith, listening, reaching out to others and of course food.  If this sounds like a group in which you could share your talents, please contact the office.


Fun Days with God

Fun Days with God is a holiday program we run with primary school aged children one day everyone school holidays. We exploring the readings of the current liturgical season through craft, drama, music, and prayer. As with all ministries involving children we need adults to help supervise. A great ministry for those looking to do something with their primary school aged children as you are doing it for them.


Friday Night BBQ Ministry

BBQ Ministry to the Homeless, Disadvantaged and Vulnerable on Friday nights in the Stella Maris Church grounds. It is a 5.00pm start for volunteers, preparing then serving food and engaging with our friends in often-welcomed conversation. Normally finished by 7.30pm. Teams are on a five-weekly roster.

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