Stella Maris Catholic Parish

Parish Office Phone

(07) 5443 3488

Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Parishioners serve the assembled Mass community by distributing the Holy Body of Christ or the Holy Blood of Christ, along with the priest.


Proclaimer of the Word

Parishioners serve the assembled Mass community by proclaiming the Word of God from the ambo.


Children’s Liturgy of the Word

During Mass parishioners, in pairs, move aside with the children that wish to participate and share the day’s readings in a way that they will understand.

This ministry is currently in abeyance whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.  We invite parishioners to express their interest, as we hope to promptly recommence this ministry soon after restrictions ease.


Altar Server

Children who have celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation are encouraged to become a Altar Servers.  They will be guided as they support the priest during Mass by processing at the beginning and end of Mass, and holding the book for the priest so he can read the prayers and assisting during the Eucharistic prayer during Mass. It is a way these children can have an active role in the Mass, and experience a sense of belonging. Assistance in needed as there must be at least three adults present when training these children.


Sacristan (weekday / weekend Masses)

Sacristans are charged with the care of the sacristy and its contents, readying and opening the church for Mass.  They set up the altar before Mass, respectfully clean the sacred items after Mass; and ensure everything is put back in its place.


Pianist and other Musicians

Parishioners serve the assembled Mass community by playing the piano, guitar, violin, drums etc. during Mass and other church ceremonies.



Parishioners serve the assembled Mass community by leading the assembled community in song and/or singing solo during Mass and other ceremonies.


Computer Operator

You may not have noticed, but a parishioner is quietly operating the computer so the slides progress through during Mass.  You only need to have a little experience with computers, and you will be trained and provided support as you learn.  It is another practical way to serve your worshipping community. 



This ministry is a little different whilst COVID-19 restrictions are in place.  Currently Collectors stand at the church doors, with the baskets, when Mass finishes so parishioners may put their Planned Giving envelopes or loose donations into it as they leave.


Mass Coordinator

Mass Coordinators ensure all parishioners rostered to participate at a Mass are present, and find a replacement from the assembled Mass community if an emergency has caused a rostered parishioner to not arrive.


Mass Roster Coordinator

Each Mass Coordinator creates and distributes the rosters for the Masses celebrated within their church community. 


Décor/Church Environment

This team supports the Parish Liturgy Team in a practical way by installing our churches’ liturgical displays/focus points as our Churches’ Liturgical seasons change throughout the year (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary Time).  All the display material is provided by the parish.

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