Stella Maris Catholic Parish

Parish Office Phone

(07) 5443 3488

Church Cleaning

All four churches are cared for by parishioners who share the task of ensuring our churches remain clean and tidy.  This is not only a response to COVID-19, but comes from our respect for our places of worship.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, each church is currently cleaned every day it is used.  This entails vacuuming carpets and sweeping hard floors, ensuring the kitchen is clean and tidy, and the sinks and basins are cleaned.  Ideally, we would have teams of parishioners who attend the scheduled Masses remain for approximately 30 minutes afterwards to carry out these tasks before they leave.

It is one practical way to experience a sense of belonging in your parish.


Church Linen Cleaning

Parishioners take the church linens home after the last Mass of each weekend to wash, and return them to the church during the following week. Because they are used during Mass, the church linens are treated with dignity and care.


The lovely gardens around each of our churches require ongoing care. You might like to help keep them neat and vibrant.


Minor Repairs

Each of our churches, as times, need some minor handyman repairs. If you have any skills in this area, we would value your assistance. 


Office assistance

The Parish Office serves the needs of our parish life, focusing on providing a range of administrative support to our priests and parishioners.  The staff welcome the help of skilled parishioners who can assist them as they support our parish community.


Streaming Masses

We stream Mass each week so that those who are vulnerable can join us.  Can you help us ensure this technology works without a problem each week?


WHS support

If you have experience in WHS please let us know. We would like to be able to draw on the skills and knowledge as we continue to focus in ensuring all in our parish are safe.

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