Stella Maris Catholic Parish

Parish Office Phone

(07) 5443 3488

Hospitality and Welcome

Stella Maris parish puts importance on hospitality and welcoming.


Please complete an information card (in the Newcomers' Folder) at church front door.

Welcome evenings for new parishioners held frequently at the parish presbytery. Ask the parish office to give you an invitation and to provide you with other information that you need.

When you arrive at church a welcomer offers you a copy of the weekly parish newsletter. Near the front entrance there are worksheets and coloured pencils to be picked up by younger children.

Ring the Parish Office and ask for a Parish Registration Forms to be sent to you.  

New Parishioners

If you are moving into the area we would like to know.

There are WELCOME NEW PARISHIONER folders for you to fill out so that we can ask you to a welcome evening.

There are envelopes in the folders for you to place this information on the collection plate, or hand to the celebrating priest.

Alternatively, contact the Parish Office.